Need a New, Fun Way to Work Out? Try Dancing!

Jennifer Galvan

by Jennifer Galvan | September 24, 2012 @ 02:00PM

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Obama and Sarah Paiin DWTSWorking out is something we all want to do, but numerous amounts of individuals struggle to get to that point. Even though Hollywood and the media tend to bombard us with images of thin, healthy-looking men and women, getting motivated to head to the gym or just go outside to jog can be difficult. The fact is that exercising has turned into more of chore, as looking for more fun ways to stay in shape is not of interest to many. But with television shows like “Dancing with the Stars” and “So You Think You Can Dance” becoming more popular, it looks like there may be a new, exciting way to get fit – dance!

Most individuals like to dance, whether they know how to or not, and when you take into account how many calories you can burn while doing so, it may become that much more enticing. When participating in any of the high energy types of dance – salsa, hip hop, jive, belly dancing, ballet – the body is moving and getting your heart rate up, which means more calories are melting off! These are great workouts to do in a class, with friends, or even your significant other. Another benefit about this type of workout is that you don’t necessarily have to join a gym; you can sign up at a local nightclub, dance school, or community college.

Kelly OsbourneThere have been many who have found that dancing has helped them drop those unwanted pounds and even achieve a better body contour. Some of those dance steps have you moving around in so many directions that they work muscles without you noticing! Contestants on dance shows, such as Kelly Osbourne, have maintained their new, slender physique even after the cameras stop rolling.

Participating in dance classes has helped many individuals keep up their motivation to shed those extra pounds and get their heart rates up. Dance can help tone muscles and help bones from becoming frail. No matter your age or physical state, there’s a dance style that can fit your personal needs. From ballet to Zumba®, dance can be a part of your exercise routine. Check out your local community college or dance studio for class schedules, or just turn up the volume on your radio, and let loose!

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