The "Little" Things That Drive You Wild: Excess hair, varicose veins and moles

Susan Anderson

by Susan Anderson | January 7, 2013 @ 11:00AM

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I don’t think any single person is 100% content with 100% of their body. Sometimes its the “little” things that get to us like those spidery varicose veins or finite tiny hairs and even that speck of a mole that can make a person self-conscious. But there’s good news, even these little nuisances have solutions that can be found at your local cosmetic surgeon’s office.

Excess Hair

Every woman strives for thick, soft, luxurious hair...on her head but many women suffer from hair appearing on their face, neck, chest, stomach and even their breasts. The extra growth can occur for a number of reasons including polycystic ovary syndrome (PSCO) which is somewhat common but always irritating. The solution? For some it may be Laser Hair Removal. Sure, you can attempt the at-home remedies and spent countless hours shaving, waxing, applying chemical depilatories and tweezing but why not save your time, energy and money and combat the issue head on?

Laser hair removal is appropriate for any area where there is excess hair (except for the eye area) and large areas are just as treatable as small areas. Consult with a physician for your expected results since hormonal levels, hair quality and the number of hair follicles can all factor into your outcome.

Varicose Veins

Occurring at any age, tiny tuffs of veins known commonly as spider veins love to pop up on the legs and face although they may occur on any part of the body. Most people associate their presence to the aging process and as a constant reminder of their immortality. While no known reliable home treatment exists, there are two options for terminating the little buggers. Both Sclerotherapy and Laser Spider Vein Treatment are options available to you from a cosmetic surgeon. Both forms of treatment are outpatient, relatively inexpensive and minimal recovery periods. As always, consult with a physician for details and expectation to your unique situation.


There is probably not a person on this Earth that does not have a mole of some type. Some moles are small and cute, some are large and abnormal and some even grow hair. If your beauty mark is not a source of pride, you do have an option for removal. If your mole has a mind of its own, a doctors visit is a must to ensure that the mark is not cancerous or reason for alarm. Mole Removal may be done by scalpel, “puncher” or by laser in-office and typically in under an hour. The exact method chosen by your physician will depend on the placement, size and sometimes pathology of the mole. To minimize scarring, it is recommended to have the procedure performed by a cosmetic surgeon.

There you have it. The most common, embarrassing "little" body issues and how to deal with them. To find a doctor in your area visit our home page

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