How to Try On your Cosmetic Surgery before you Spend the $$

Samantha Johnson

by Samantha Johnson | August 23, 2012 @ 08:00AM

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There's no doubt the decision to get any type of cosmetic surgery is a major one.  To ensure you are mentally and financially prepared, here are a few tricks that can give you an idea of what you'll be getting post-op from head to toe.  Let's start with the...  


Skin creams and wrinkle treatments can be a great quick fix for facial flaws, but like we learned in the at-home treatment article, there are risks involved with all the new lotions and potions out there.  The results are definitely nothing close to the prize-winning perfection a dermabrasion or chemical peel will afford. Sagging skin is a whole different story.  


The good news is, instant face lift tape can work wonders for sagging skin. The bad news? It's definitely a day-time only fix.  Brands like Secret Lift Face Lift Tape and Bring it Up! come in both light and dark shades and a variety of sizes to help get the right fit.  Although wearing these may not perfectly compare to how a face lift will look on you, you can at least practice wearing them to get an idea of what you want.  When you go into a consultation with a clear idea of the results you expect, your plastic surgeon will be better equipped to tell you if your expectations are realistic with what he or she can do. 

made a list of popular lip plumpers, and if you can get over the gooey feel of the gloss, Too Faced Lip Injection is the one you should pick.  The plumping is temporary of course, but it can be just what you need to see how your lips would look with a little filler. The gloss provides a tingly sensation as it increases blood flow to your lips.


Not sure if you want your implants to bump you up to a C or D?  There's an app for that. iAugment lets you "try on" implants of any size with the shake of your phone.  You simply upload your picture, and let the app do the work.  Many medical professionals have software that does this at a much higher quality level.  Ask your surgeon about it when you book your consultation.  

If the app doesn't meet your fancy, opt for a bra like Victoria's Secret Bombshell which will boost your bust-line two full cup sizes.  See how you like the way your clothes fit, and be conscious of your new confidence level.  Just remember, like lip plumper, a push up bra can only do so much. 


Has diet and exercise still left you with that stubborn tummy pooch?  Body wraps like It Works! are a great way to see how it feels to be slender again.  Spanx are a cheaper alternative, but just be sure to get your correct size, or the pesky fat you're trying to suppress will just squish out into another spot. These alternatives are a great way to see how you'll feel in smaller clothes after lipo or a tummy tuck.


No matter how much time you put in the gym to get those Carrie Underwood legs, cellulite can still be present.   Creams like Nivea Body Good-Bye Cellulite Gel-Cream can suppress it temporarily until you can get cellulaze, which has long-term results. 

Whether you are saving up for cosmetic surgery, or you're just on the fence about actually getting a procedure, these finds may give you what you're looking for while you wait.

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