Hollywood's Young Starlets - Opting for Plastic Surgery or Just Growing Up?

Susan Anderson

by Susan Anderson | November 7, 2012 @ 10:00AM

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First it’s Taylor Swift (age 22) and then Selena Gomez (age 20). Both young starlets (and so many before them) are under scrutiny for their changing breast sizes. Is it cosmetic surgery? Is it a padded bra? Or is it just a maturing young woman whose body is changing? Many gossip columnists like to believe that both girls have had a breast augmentation because that sells tabloids, garners clicks on article links and serves their own commercial objectives. I like to believe that these young ladies are maturing and shopping for great new bras.

Taylor Swift

Both women have established themselves as role models for young girls and showing that they are comfortable in their maturing bodies reinforces positive body image in their fans. Not all women mature at the same rate or age. Showing confidence throughout every stage is tough but extremely inspiring. Exhibiting confidence while growing up under the lights of Hollywood as you morph from a teen queen into a sensual woman takes a daunting amount of courage.

And if these women decide to undergo breast surgery? Cheers to them! Being in the public eye has its challenges to go with its advantages. These two young ladies appear to be bright, intelligent women who will make the right decisions for them when and if the time becomes right.

Selena Gomez

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