Young Celebs Having Just a "Little Plastic Surgery"

by | August 10, 2010 @ 11:00AM
Medically Reviewed by Sydney Coleman

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Plastic Surgeon Suggests A "Mid-Facelift" At An Early Age To Maintain Youthfulness

(Beverly Hills, CA) Have you noticed that some of your favorite celebs are looking better than ever? Is it their hair color? Did they hire a new stylist? Did they lose weight? Or, did they have just a little bit of plastic surgery?

"Nowadays, young celebrities are not waiting until their forties for plastic surgery. They’re rejuvenating themselves and making small changes in their late twenties or early thirties," divulged Beverly Hills aesthetic plastic surgeon, John A. Grossman, who’s made subtle changes to Dolly Parton for years.

Among the newest techniques that restore youthfulness to facial appearance is the "Mid-Facelift," and Dr. Grossman was one of the early innovators of this procedure. The "Mid-Facelift," which does not dramatically change your appearance, lifts the central area of the face (the cheeks and the area around the naso-labial fold—the line from the corner of the nostril to the corner of the mouth). Incisions are made beneath each eyelash line and extend out about 1/2" beyond the corners of the eyes. The tissues of the cheek are separated from the bone beneath it and raised up the cheek, thus smoothing that area. Excess upper and lower eyelid skin is also removed.

"The Mid-Facelift enhances the most difficult region of the face for plastic surgeons to reach, yet the one that makes young people look prematurely middle-aged or fatigued. The surgery is subtle, sophisticated and its goal is not to change a person's look, but to restore it by diminishing the appearance of sagging cheeks, by softening the smile lines that form on either side of the face and by enhancing the cheekbone," says Dr. Grossman, who has perfected his own technique for this procedure.

The Mid-Facelift represents the leading edge of plastic surgery. Classic eyelid tuck techniques removed fat, resulting in smoother skin, but hollow-looking eyes. The Mid-Facelift, which can also correct prior eyelid tucks, strengthens the underlying tissue, repositions fat, then lifts and smoothes the skin, erasing the sunken appearance of the eyes.

The procedure takes about 2-3 hours, is performed under general anesthesia, and requires an overnight aftercare facility stay. In contrast, the classical facelift pulls facial skin back and addresses the lower cheek and neck, not the upper part of the naso-labial line.

"Women and men can retain their youthful appearance for a longer period of time if they give up the traditional approach of waiting ‘til middle age to have a facelift," suggests Dr. Grossman. "You don’t have to ‘show your age’ or change your appearance when you start earlier procedures in areas that begin sagging either because of hereditary influences or lifestyle. Why not keep looking 30 years old until you’re 45?"

With offices in Beverly Hills, CA. and Denver, CO., Dr. John A. Grossman is one of the nation’s premier aesthetic plastic surgeons. Board Certified, a member of the American Society For Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, American Society of Plastic Surgeons and affiliated with the University of Colorado Medical School.

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