Plastic Surgery Stops Bullying

Roberto Avey

by Roberto Avey | October 21, 2011 @ 02:00PM
Medically Reviewed by Steven Pearlman

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In today’s society, we correlate Plastic Surgery with vanity and/or non-medical needs.  However, there is another side to this industry, where the desire to become perfect is counter reacted by those who just wish to be “normal” in the eyes of others. 

Take Samantha Shaw for example. Samantha is a cute, seven-year-old little girl; if not for an abnormality of her ears (Cup Ears & Lop Ear), she would be completely “normal” in the eyes of her peers. However, her ears have been a routine topic of ridicule not only by the young kids at her school, but by adults as well. Her mother says, “Adult’s are the worst.” They say things like, “What happened to her ears, that’s so gross,” right in front of little Samantha.

Dr. Steven PealrmanThe cure to Samantha’s problem now becomes a graver issue and is not a “cosmetic” desire. It’s now an emotional and mental issue for such a young person. The bullying can cause self-doubt, self-consciousness, shyness and “impact their development and self identity. “ 

In essence, the need to correct her ears (Otoplasty Surgery or Ear Pinning) falls under the concept known as “Corrective Plastic Surgery,” and should be viewed in the same category as cleft lip surgery or getting braces.

Teaming up with “Little Baby Face Foundation,” Dr. Steven Pearlman, a renowned plastic surgeon in the New York Area, has decided to offer his services free of charge. This is an act of genuine kindness by Dr. Pearlman. Reaching out and going above and beyond the call of duty to help those in need is something worth commending. 

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