Modern Thinking for Facial Plastic Surgery

David A. Bray, MD, FACS

by David A. Bray, MD, FACS | August 16, 2010 @ 02:00PM

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The traditional thinking about facial plastic surgery has always been a time and gender issue. Rhinoplasty for the teenager, face lifts at fifty and women only. Today's patients are shattering those traditional beliefs.

A surprising trend in the Rhinoplasty surgeries being performed today is the age of the patient is actually increasing. Instead of just teenagers, the late twenty, mid thirty and even late thirty year olds are finally taking care of that annoying bump or long nose that they have disliked for years.

On the other hand, the trend in facelift surgery is definitely toward "doing something" sooner rather than waiting until a magical number birthday. With more working women and a strong cultural drive to look young and fresh, the investment in facial plastic surgery is actually a sound business decision. Smaller procedures, such as eyelid surgery and chin augmentation, can make a huge difference in one's self-confidence. Today's patients recognize the value of the added sense of self-assurance and are simply unwilling to wait. And why should they? The sooner one starts with facial enhancements the longer they get to enjoy them.

In terms of gender, men have decided that this is not a for women only club. Often driven by professional competition, men are having surgery at an ever increasing rate. Eyelid and Rhinoplasty were somewhat common, but now facelifts are routine for men. Again, why not? Men can and do benefit from facial enhancements just as well as women. 

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