Mini-Facelifts Like the Celebs

by | August 16, 2010 @ 02:00PM

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Want to Know How to Age Gracefully Like the Celebs? The "Mini-Facelift" Provides All the Answers! Today's leading faces need to have staying power to compete with the younger and vibrant new faces. Celebrities like Sharon Stone, Candace Bergen, Diane Cannon, and even Madonna are all aging beautifully. In fact, they seem not to age at all. But how are they doing it? Almost impossible to tell, but one answer may be with the Mini-Facelift.

Dr. Christine Haugen, a Fort Lauderdale area plastic surgeon, says that, "the Mini-Facelift is best suited for people in their 30s and 50s who have good skin tone, but are starting to see some laxity in their lower face around the jaw." This technique is best viewed as a maintenance procedure. "While some patients may not be ready for a full-fledged facelift, they still want to reverse and stave off the aging process yet not look as if they've had work done. For those in the limelight such as celebrities and politicans, this facelift modality is just what the doctor ordered," says Dr. Haugen.

Dr. Haugen explains that, "the surgery is similar to a traditional facelift, but the difference is that the scar is shorter and there are fewer complications, such as possible hair loss around the incisions. There is also a little less swelling of the face post-operatively. What's more, the recovery period is very quick compared to a standard facelift. The patient can usually return to work after five to seven days." According to Dr. Haugen, "There will be swelling around the neck and the mid-face region can have a little bit of bruising, which is still much less severe than with a traditional facelift."

Dr. Haugen makes the incisions around the ear, but not in the hairline. "They start at the top of the ear, follow the contour of the ear into the interior portion in front of the ear and then curve around," she says. "There is also a small incision underneath the chin." These smaller incisions and shorter downtime mean that there's very little need for bandages after the surgery. In general, there is one night of post-facelift dressing, followed by a week of a facelift chinstrap bandage. Then the patient continues to wear that at night for about a week.

Dr. Haugen says the procedure will knock 10 years off a patient's appearance, and the shelf life tends to be seven to 10 years. Even if patients do require another facelift in later years, this early facelift will still enable a patient to maintain the appearance of youth and avoid major sagging and skin laxity. In addition, patients really like the fact that all of the scars are well concealed in skin folds.

Dr. Haugen says that this is a quick and discreet procedure. "It's ideal for people who are busy executives and do not have the luxury of major downtime. For those who shyed away from facelift surgery for fear of being found out, with the mini-face lift, only you and your doctor will know for sure.

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