Male Moguls - Is it All in the Chin?

by | August 16, 2010 @ 02:00PM

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An Ivy League education and an MBA will take today's executives only so far. Historically, only women were held to specific aesthetic standards and ideals. Now the pendulum has swung and successful businessmen are often judged as much by their appearance as the bottom line. Increasingly, men have become more vain. They purchase skin care products and seek cosmetic treatments that were once the vested domain of women. While ladies may opt for breast implants or Botox injections, men are taking it on the chin. They are refining this feature to rival that of celebrities such as Arnold Schwarzenniger, Harrison Ford, Charlie Sheen, John Travolta, Brad Pitt, and numerous other marquis idols whose macho chins convey strength and competence, which are just the right ingredients to pave the way for success from Wall Street to Silicone Valley.

Although women have become more open with regard to "work they have had" on their face, most men feel there is still a certain stigma associated with cosmetic surgery. When they do opt for elective procedures, they seek those that are minimally invasive with little downtime. Dr. Bruce Nadler is a Manhattan plastic surgeon whose practice is comprised of a large group of male executives. As Dr. Nadler explains, "If a man has a weak chin, this detracts from an impression of authority. A chin implant can modify the profile and lend that more authoritative, aggressive look." In order to achieve this, a solid silicone implant is placed through the mouth or inserted in the chin. This is performed under local anesthesia or local anesthesia with IV sedation. If a male executive had this procedure performed on a Friday, he could return back to work on Monday and none of his colleagues would be the wiser. Any bruising or stiffness could easily be attributed to extensive dental work. Because the outcome is not as obvious as with a nose job, his post-operative result will simply make him look more attractive and convey the appearance of assertiveness.

Another procedure some male execs opt for is the cleft chin. Unlike implants, which are used to help convey a character trait, a cleft is used more to attract the opposite sex, as this has also been seen as a sexy feature by women. As with the chin implant, the recovery time is minor. Dr. Nadler explains that, "creating a cleft involves recreating the actual circumstance that causes a cleft. When a male has a natural cleft or dimple there is an interruption in the muscle bundles. A surgeon needs to create a separation in the muscle bellies that allows the outer skin to fold into it and anchors in that space." This procedure is typically performed under local anesthesia. Downtime is literally a matter of one day; however, it can take several weeks for the cleft to become apparent. Whatever bruising is apparent can be explained as the result of a minor accident, or if men are comfortable, they can wear some concealer.

Nothing detracts more from a lean and mean boardroom appearance than a turkey gobbler neck. Although the legendary Rockefeller men were all rotund, the male executive of 2001 is expected to be fit. Even relatively thin men can still be plagued by a double chin. Although the physique might be slim, the extra flesh around the chin can convey an appearance of sloth that can be extremely detrimental to climbing the corporate ladder. Enter chin liposuction. The surgery entails making a small 1/8th incision in a crease under the chin so that any minor scaring is well concealed. Local or local with IV anesthesia is used in this 30-45 minute procedure and a small cannula is employed to truly sculpt the area while extracting the fat. Dr. Nadler is always prudent not to overdo fat removal in order to avoid a skeletal and over operated look. In order to assure an optimal result, men must wear a chinstrap for one week. Although a man would have to endure some bruising around the neck, from a wellness standpoint, deskwork could be resumed the following day. For those men who think the answer to a flabby chin/neck lies with diet alone, Dr. Nadler counters by saying, "Fat under the chin can be chalked up to heredity or it can simply be that resistant, stubborn fat similar to the love handles or abdomen." Once fat is suctioned from the chin area, those stubborn fat cells are banished forever.

Next time you find yourself in a boardroom with male power brokers and movers and shakers, take note of the strong, sexy chin and then ask yourself if it was Mother Nature's gift. Chances are only his plastic surgeon will know for sure what played into the making of a mogul.

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