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by iEnhance.com | August 9, 2010 @ 12:00PM

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faceliftImagine a product so advanced that a facelift can be done as easily as portrayed in the movie "Faceoff"? In that science-fiction thriller, Nicolas Cage and John Travolta exchanged faces without sutures and with virtually no downtime.

"We're not quite at that level of science; however, with the use of Hemaseel, more rapid wound healing, with reduced bruising and shorter downtimes, is nearly guaranteed," said Dr. David Bray.

Bray, a well-known and respected facial plastic surgeon in Torrance, California, is currently utilizing Hemaseel in conjunction with his facelift and brow lift surgeries. This product is a form of normal human blood plasma that has been screened, cleansed and reformulated into a highly concentrated solution. It is the higher concentration of platelets that act like a glue to rapidly bond tissue. The Hemaseel is literally sprayed onto the patient's tissue during surgery. That fine layer of fibrinogen acts as a catalyst to the healing process. The natural process of blood coagulation is dramatically increased.

By speeding up the natural coagulation of the patient's blood, clotting begins immediately. The great news for the patient is that facelift and brow life recovery times have been dramatically reduced. Healing is rapidly increased, bruising is significantly reduced and downtime, therefore, is minimized. "Our results have been so significant that we now utilize the Hemaseel on all brow lift procedures," Bray said.

Platelet-rich plasma has been used for wound repair in Europe and Canada in more than 8 million cases without a single case of viral transmission. Its application in cosmetic surgery is a new development and a great advantage to patients. Patients are able to return to their routine schedules much sooner.

"We are always looking for methods that improve our patients' surgical experience. Hemaseel has dramatically proven itself to be of clinical value. I feel so strongly that it is of beneficial use, that fibrinogen sealant application is now routine in our surgical protocol," Bray said.

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