Growing Trend of Cosmetic Surgery Apps

Elana Pruitt

by Elana Pruitt | July 28, 2011 @ 08:00AM

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It is official – the popularity of cosmetic surgery is at such a height that there are now phone apps available for those who desire new noses, bigger breasts, or flatter tummies.  Hmmm…While the general public may be excited to purchase this app due to the collective interest in cosmetic surgery, many medical professionals are hesitant to fully embrace this development. One such surgeon is Dr. Matthew B. Baker, who wrote about the iAugment app on his blog, “In my professional opinion, this app is not a useful tool. At best, the software is inaccurate and not anatomically realistic. At worst, it is misleading and misrepresentative of the impact of aesthetic breast surgery.”   

The biggest benefit I see in this – a program that allows you to take a picture of yourself with your iPhone and then shave away or enhance a certain body part simply by moving your finger on the screen – is that it could inspire those who really wants to improve their face, breasts, and/or body to go forward and schedule a consultation with a surgeon. After a person plays around with this app and views his or her so-called potential results, it is important that the outcome shown is not taken at face value. Sure, a cosmetic surgery app could inspire you and give you a slight example of what you may look like with, say, rhinoplasty or breast augmentation, but there are various factors to consider before making  a final decision regarding which procedure is right for you. While I am in no way trying to deter you from utilizing a cosmetic surgery phone app, it must be noted that consulting a qualified surgeon holds far more weight.  Deciding to undergo cosmetic surgery should not be a casual decision, whether or not a causal phone app exists.

Many medical professionals have computer imaging software at their practice, which is much more high tech and reliable. That said, I don’t foresee a cosmetic surgery iPhone app replacing the need for a doctor to use this with a prospective patient during a consultation. But there are individuals who may think they are the exact same. To truly learn if cosmetic surgery is right for you, I would suggest making that appointment and sharing your concerns with a qualified medical professional. And sure, bring in the “after” photo of you – the one you may have saved from that app. Consider it a starting point!

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