Bristol Palin - The Latest To Undergo Cosmetic Surgery?

Jennifer Galvan

by Jennifer Galvan | May 9, 2011 @ 10:00AM

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Bristol Palin Before and After PhotosUndergoing plastic surgery isn’t as taboo as it once was; yet, whenever we hear of a celebrity or reality star possibly having gone under the knife we immediately start to judge. Fair or not, these men and women are in the public eye, which means that their every move (and appearance change) is under a microscope. The most recent “celebrity” to emerge with quite a new look is Bristol Palin.

Photos of the young mother emerged from the White House Correspondents Dinner that shows her looking dramatically different than just a few months ago. It has been reported that she has lost a significant amount of weight and her facial features appear to have changed with the weight loss. Or, perhaps with the help of a cosmetic plastic surgeon. Full length photographs of Palin do portray some weight loss, though not enough to explain the extreme change in her facial contour. Her cheeks are more pronounced, the jawline is well-defined, and the chin seems to be far more defined. Palin is now undergoing plenty of scrutiny regarding how she changed her appearance.

According to a press release, board certified plastic surgeon Brian Glatt, M.D. states: “Bristol appears to have lost a significant amount of weight, which is responsible for some of the differences in her look.  In addition, she seems to have had liposuction of her entire neck with a focus under her chin which has produced a much more defined jawline and lower facial area.  She may have also had a chin implant to better define this area.  Her lower lip appears much more full and it is likely she had injections of Juvederm into her lower lip.”

If Palin has undergone these procedures at only 20 years of age, there’s no telling how many more she may undergo in the future. On the other hand, the negative feedback on her choice to have these procedures done may sway her from ever going under the knife again. There are many other celebrities out there who have gone in either direction. Jessica Lange and Mickey Rourke have had their fair share of procedures, while Courtney Cox and Nicole Kidman have tried some minor facial treatments only to later admit that they were unhappy with their results.

Time will only tell whether Palin did in fact have these procedure done or if she will choose to have other enhancements in the future. For now, the public will continue to question and look for the next plastic surgery super star. 

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