Zac Efron Has Three Nipples - 'SAY WHAT'

Alyson Ben-Yehuda

by Alyson Ben-Yehuda | July 19, 2011 @ 11:00AM

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Zac Efron has three nipples

Hollywood hottie Zac Efron is giving Matthew McConaughey a run for his money in the “known for being shirtless” department! Zac has gone from "High School Musical" cutie to all grown up and getting voted by People magazine as having one of the best bodies. But his shirtless notoriety is getting attention from dermatologist Dr. Sandra Lee for another reason: his third nipple.

Also known as an “accessory nipple”, the medical name for a third nipple is a "supernumerary nipple," and they’re more common than you might think. Supernumerary nipples are diagnosed in one in every 18 males and one in 50 females. Ninety-five percent of these “extras” occur on what is called the milk line. The milk line is an imaginary line that starts under the armpit and extends diagonally across the torso, down to the inner thigh. These third nipples can present in a number of ways - from a tiny patch of hair to a fully functioning extra breast, but those are extremely rare. Usually, they are just a small spot, somewhere under one of the two main nipples. They can even go unnoticed on many people – like Zac Efron.

Dr. Lee notes that since they are usually under-formed, they are regularly mistaken for moles. Despite being so common, we don’t often hear much about them. Most of the time, a third nipple is completely harmless and only needs to be removed for cosmetic reasons at a patient’s request.

Individuals with accessory nipples have been documented since Roman times. Accessory nipples symbolized femininity and virility in folklore. Later, an extra nipple on a woman was considered evidence of her being a witch! It’s more of a piece of quirky trivia in more modern times. Other celebrities known to have these mythical malformations include Mark Wahlberg, Carrie Underwood, and Lily Allen.

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