The Fascination with Royal Breasts

Susan Anderson

by Susan Anderson | September 17, 2012 @ 02:00PM

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Kate MiddletonMany of us are fascinated with Kate Middleton and Prince William. We eagerly await news of a royal pregnancy and watch their every move as they bring new magic to the British throne. I, personally, am especially enamored with the Duchess. I find her to be elegant but casual, proper yet approachable and an icon of beauty. I am not, however, fascinated with her breasts.

Kate has always exuded confidence in her physique, as she should, she’s stunning, but her breasts are not her most notable feature. The idea that a paparazzo would go through extreme and possibly illegal lengths for a few photographs is quite amazing. In case you haven’t heard, last week, while vacationing at a private estate in France, Kate was caught sunbathing topless with Prince William.

Kate is not the first royal woman to be caught sans top. Sarah Ferguson, former Duchess of York was photographed nearly 20 years ago lying topless while having her toes sucked by then boyfriend, John Bryan in France. Like many celebrities, the Royals are followed relentlessly by paparazzi trying to capture the perfect shot, an embarrassing shot, or that one-in-a-million photo. Sometimes this comes at great cost to those sighted in their lens’ and sometimes it costs someone their life as it did Princess Diana on that fateful August night in 1997.

I personally believe that these photos should not be published, and the monarchy should do everything within their power to legally protect Kate and keep these photos from being published. Kate and William had an expectation of privacy and are entitled to a bit of privacy in their lives just as we all are. I hope the those responsible are held accountable and learn better judgement with their endeavors. With that said, Kate has no reason to be ashamed or embarrassed by these photos. She is stunning and beautiful and it’s her right to reserve that view for her one and only, William.

Image Credit: Tom Soper Photography

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