A Mother Tells About her Teen's Gynecomastia Surgery

Leeann Morrissey

by Leeann Morrissey | August 6, 2010 @ 09:00AM

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"When my son was 10, I began to notice that he was getting a little big in the breast area. It wasn't really disconcerting because he was a little chubby, and I thought this was just a part of being heavy. I just put it out of my mind thinking that when he got in sixth grade in junior high school he'd lose the weight as soon as he got in a regulated gym class.

"Unfortunately, when he dropped the weight, the chest didn't seem to go down. It really didn't bother him because he was young and didn't think about those kinds of things. He was still interested in boyhood projects, and the body didn't really matter much. I knew that it would be a major issue in the future, but thought that maybe when he got into high school and started working out with weights he would lose it."


Male Breast Reduction

But when Beverly's son entered high school, the size of his breasts hadn't decreased. At this point he was being teased cruelly by his schoolmates. So in an attempt to hide his "problem," he tried to gain weight so that the size of his breasts wouldn't be as noticeable. The family soon discovered that he had a condition known as gynecomastia.

Gynecomastia, a Greek term for "female-like breasts," affects males both physically and emotionally. In a society where so much is based on appearances alone, those who live with gynecomastia often try to hide their condition from others in an attempt to fit in with their peers.

Gynecomastia Surgeon

Elliot Jacobs, M.D, F.A.C.S. is a board certified New York plastic surgeon who has been practicing privately since 1977. As a leading gynecomastia expert, respected throughout the U.S., he is highly-qualified to perform male breast reduction.

Among Dr. Jacobs' many professional accomplishments, this adolescent patient in particular stands out. The youth's mother, Beverly, was kind enough to share her son's story:

"My son was between a B and C cup, so they were quite big. Added to the fact that he had gained weight in hopes of hiding them only added to the problem making them even bigger."

In their search for a surgeon who could help him with his condition, they were horrified to learn that most doctors suggested he undergo a procedure equivalent to a full mastectomy:

"This was not what I wanted for my son! No matter what I told the doctors it was always the same thing. Their opinion was that it was better to appear flat chested in a shirt than have breasts! In my opinion, it was better to be able to go without a shirt and appear normal rather than have a chest full of scars and no nipples! For a young man that would be devastating. One doctor even told me that he could say he was in an accident or that he had at one time had breast cancer! What a thing to tell someone!!! I was outraged."

Beverly and her son were on a mission to find a surgeon who could help him, without having to endure extensive scarring. Then one night while watching television, their family learned about Dr. Jacobs and how he helps others with gynecomastia. The next day they contacted the board certified doctor and the surgery was scheduled.

Gynecomastia Surgery

"On the day of surgery things went very smoothly. My son was out of surgery in two hours and Dr. Jacobs told me that it went very well. They allowed me to go back to see him within 30 minutes after surgery and, to my amazement, he was flat as a board and the skin had already started adhering back to his muscle tissue! He had absolutely no pain, swelling was very minimal, and he never did have any bruising. There looked to be some slight yellowing color at the top and bottom where the binding wrap was located, but nothing other than that.

"There will be no scars, as Dr. Jacobs took the breast tissue out from a small cut at the bottom of his areola, and two small cuts at the sides of his breasts where liposuction was done to remove excess fat; which, by the way, have disappeared totally after only 5 weeks.

"We are so happy with what this surgery has done. As said before, there is no scarring, no excess skin as it is all reattached and healthy looking, the nipples shrunk to a normal size and my son is the happiest he has ever been in his life! I can't keep a shirt on him now. He wants the whole world to see him now!

"This is one awesome doctor!!! Dr. Jacobs makes you feel welcome from the time you contact him, throughout the surgical procedure, all the way through the post care."

People often equate plastic surgery to superficiality; however, that's not always the case. This isn't an example of someone seeking to stand apart from his peers; he was instead just looking for normalcy. Thanks to Dr. Jacobs, this young man has gained the self-esteem that he was lacking and is now enjoying his life just like the rest of the boys his age. 

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