Short Scar Breast Reduction

Dr. Ackerman

by Dr. Ackerman | August 16, 2010 @ 10:00AM

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Short scar breast reduction and breast lift surgery, also known as vertical scar breast surgery, is rapidly gaining popularity and acceptance in the United States. This procedure obviates the need for a long scar underneath the breast that runs under the entire length of the breast fold. Typically, this is the scar that most patients object to when they are told that they need breast lift or breast reduction surgery. The short scar technique eliminates the need for this potentially disfiguring scar.

Despite the many advantages of this newer technique, a number of surgeons are still reluctant in learning how to perform the short scar breast surgeries. One of the reasons for this reluctance is that there are no specific guidelines on how to perform the markings for this procedure. There is a steeper learning curve for vertical reduction mammaplasty.

Dr. Ackerman has been performing vertical breast reduction surgery for a number of years. Beyond significantly less scarring, he believes that this procedure offers many advantages over the more standard techniques. One of the main advantages is that a more aesthetically pleasing breast shape can be achieved, as well as less likelihood of recurrence of droopiness.

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