Breast Implants In Time For Bikini Season

Jennifer Galvan

by Jennifer Galvan | April 12, 2011 @ 01:00PM

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When you look in the mirror you are probably critical of what you consider to be “flaws.” For many women, this includes the size and shape of their breasts. And with bikini season right around the corner, the desire to enhance your breasts may be at the top of their list.

This is where cosmetic plastic surgery comes in; it will help you achieve your desired breast contour.

Therefore, as you consider undergoing breast augmentation surgery, it is important to carefully research the procedure, recovery period, possible risks/complications, and surgeon who will perform the surgery. Because this is an invasive procedure that should not be taken lightly, it is strongly recommended that you visit with a few doctors before deciding who would be the most qualified specialist to perform your procedure. Be sure to learn of his/her background, board certifications, training, and see examples of his/her before and after photos. You may also wish to speak with patients who have undergone the same procedure with the surgeon in question in order to gain insight of what to anticipate throughout your surgery (feel free to ask about this during your visit). At this time, make sure that you are comfortable with the surgeon and have all your questions/concerns thoroughly addressed.

Although the advances in breast enhancement surgery have been able to provide patients with a safe experience and natural-looking results, it is imperative that patients understand that the recovery period can range from four weeks to four months. That being said, if you are planning on wearing a new bikini in June, it may be a good idea to undergo your procedure no later than mid-April. This will allow you to rest and recover in time to be able to enjoy the beach. It is recommended that you refrain from strenuous activities for approximately one month after your procedure. However, you must be aware that swelling may last three to four months.

During your healing period, there will be some soreness and discomfort as the breast tissues and muscles adjust to the new size and shape. Showering after your procedure may be somewhat difficult for approximately one week as you will not be able to lift your arms above your head. Furthermore, you will need to sleep on your back with your head and upper back elevated for a few days to help reduce swelling and bruising. Following your surgeon’s guidelines for your recovery can greatly reduce the risk of complications and/or infection. It is a good idea to be informed of the possible complications in order to be more aware of any negative side effects. Some of these include capsular contracture, implant shifting, implant rupture, and symmastia (implants shift towards center of chest area). A more detailed explanation of what to look for throughout your recovery can be provided by your surgeon during an initial consultation.

Once you have chosen your surgeon and done your homework, be sure to give yourself enough time before sporting that new bikini. It is of utmost importance to have realistic expectations and do as your surgeon says. Allow yourself time to heal properly in order to achieve optimal results. If you would like further information regarding your breast enlargement procedure, schedule an initial consultation with a trained specialist.

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