Boobstagram: Showing Your Breasts on the Internet is...Good?

Samantha Johnson, iEnhance writer

by Samantha Johnson, iEnhance writer | April 23, 2012 @ 02:00PM

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"Black," "Pink," "Beige," "White." The Facebook campaign to raise awareness of breast cancer that required women to post nothing but the color of their bras to their status struck up plenty of controversy in 2010.  Now the bras themselves - along with the breasts - have been plastered all over the new internet sensation Boobstagram for the very same purpose.

"Showing your breasts on the internet is good; showing them to your doctor is better."




The wall-to-wall gallery of nothing but breasts was created by two Frenchmen.  Pictures of women's breasts are pulled from Instagram, without their faces or other identifying tags, for the purpose of encouraging other women to get a scheduled breast exam. The pictures are posted next to the tagline, "Showing your breasts on the internet is good; showing them to your doctor is better." About 60 to 80 boob-shots are brought to the site per month.

As indicated on the website, Boobstagram aims to create a fun prevention campaign instead of using fear

Boobstagram Images

 as a motivation. The site states, "There are several types of preventions: Primary prevention that targets unhealthy behaviors, and secondary prevention that promotes early detection of disease, when medicine can be most effective." By targeting young people who are more likely to use social media sites to send unconventional messages, the hope is that more young people may get the message to get checked for cancer.

Over 6,500 people have already "liked" the site's Facebook page, and the site itself has encountered mass amounts of traffic since its inception in October of last year. So the question is, is Boobstagram actually raising awareness for the cause, or is it merely raising awareness for the campaign itself? Weather or not the idea is truly effective is up for debate, but one thing is for sure - this gallery of breasts is getting a lot of attention.


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