The Best Candidates For Breast Augmentation

Dr. Curran Smith

by Dr. Curran Smith | August 16, 2010 @ 10:00AM

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While many women seeking breast augmentation are young women who have been unhappy with their figures all their lives, others are women who feel that their breasts are no longer attractive following changes in weight, and those associated with aging and childbearing. That means we see a relatively wide range of ages of women seeking this procedure.

The best candidate is one with little or no sagging, and a reasonable amount of breast tissue with which to cover the lower part of the implant. Women who are less than ideal candidates can still get excellent results, as we are usually able to perform additional procedures or modify the procedure in ways to overcome the problematic features. Dr. Smith has had over 20 years of experience performing breast augmentations, and is well recognized for his expertise in his ability to treat a wide variety of complications from breast augmentation, including the management of hundreds of women with problems related to leaking, or otherwise problematic, gel implants.

Planning Your Surgery

During your no-fee consultation, Dr. Smith will answer your questions about the procedure, explain his usual technique, and give his reasons for his recommendation for the technique he selects for you. Dr. Smith will carefully examine you and take measurements of the breasts and discuss how he might help you to achieve your goals. Dr. Smith takes great pride in helping his patients to look natural and feels that a good result is obtained when friends and strangers think you look very nice but do not necessarily recognize that you have had the procedure.

The Procedure

The procedure is performed through a small incision with the patient completely asleep under general anesthesia. We typically perform breast augmentation in the office surgery facility and discharge the patient to the care of a responsible adult afterward. However, if you prefer, arrangements can be made to admit you overnight to Swedish Hospital to which our building is directly connected. Patients who which to do so are transported directly to the hospital by our office staff.


After Surgery

Like most procedures, the first day and night are the most uncomfortable. The patient usually progresses quite rapidly to performing most normal activities in just a few days. We recommend wearing a soft brassiere with no under wire and to avoid any extremely strenuous activities for six weeks after the surgery, after which time there are no further limitations on your activities. The procedure is performed through a small incision and any skin sutures are removed in only a couple of days. Dr. Smith routinely follows his augmentation patients for at least one year and recommends annual visits with Dr. Smith for a breast exam by him indefinitely.

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