Vegas Buttocks Enhancement Patient Killed By Anesthesia

Jennifer Galvan

by Jennifer Galvan | July 29, 2011 @ 04:00PM

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The Associated Press has released a report regarding a woman who died after undergoing an illegal buttocks enhancement procedure in April of this year. According to the autopsy report, Elena Caro “died from an allergic reaction to the tumescent anesthesia commonly used in cosmetic surgery procedures.” She was in the care of two supposed plastic surgeons from Colombia; however, there have been reports that they were not listed as licensed physicians or practitioners on the Nevada State Board of Medical Examiners.

Reports state that the patient was to be picked up by family members who arrived at the surgeons’ office only to find the facility deserted and Caro missing. She was later found in a nearby hospital after being picked up by an ambulance and pronounced dead. Unfortunately, this is an all too common story that is being heard more and more as patients are looking for the cheapest way to achieve their aesthetic goals. The lack of research put into locating a qualified, experienced, and properly trained professional has cost the lives of several patients in recent years.

The most important step when undergoing cosmetic plastic surgery is obtaining the surgeon’s background information. By visiting several doctors and asking the right questions, you can avoid falling victim to one of these unqualified so-called surgeons. These physicians are advertising their treatments at discounted prices and sidestepping proper techniques and safety standards. In the case of this patient, it appears that her surgeons injected her buttocks with a gel substance and used a tumescent solution without the proper training to do so. Although she possibly paid only a fraction of what a qualified surgeon would have charged, it cost the patient her life.

We strongly advise our readers to do their research before undergoing any cosmetic plastic surgery procedure. Ask questions, speak with previous patients, view before and after photos, and verify any certifications/memberships with the appropriate boards and/or associations. By doing so you may be saving your own life and ensuring that your safety and health are taken into consideration throughout the procedure. Technology has provided us with a world of information and it takes only a few minutes to look up a particular surgeon’s qualifications.

Remember, if a doctor avoids your questions or refuses to provide the information asked for, move on to another surgeon. Trust your gut instincts when you feel uneasy or unsafe with the physician.

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