“Tickle” Your Way to a Slender Shape

Jennifer Galvan

by Jennifer Galvan | January 12, 2011 @ 03:00PM

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Tickle LiposuctionIn an age when most forms of media portray the “ideal” body shape as ultra-thin, it is no wonder why there are advancements in plastic surgery procedures. Recently, a new technique in liposuction surgery has been introduced, “Tickle Liposuction", which can be performed while the patient is awake and coherent. This revolutionary technology has been in use in Belgium for seven years and was just recently introduced to the United States through its distributor, Millennium Medical Technologies, Inc.

A said advantage of this new method is that patients are not put under general anesthesia; the surgeon administers a local anesthetic and uses tumescent fluid to minimize bleeding, bruising, and swelling. While the patient lies comfortably and awake, the surgeon makes small incisions in the target area where he/she inserts a long metal tube called a cannula. The tip of the cannula vibrates and rotates to break up fat deposits in order to be suctioned from the body. As the fat is removed, the patient only feels a slight sensation similar to that of being tickled; some patients have been known to giggle throughout their procedure.

This new technology is beneficial to both the surgeon and the patient. The movement made by the Tickle Liposuctioncannula allows the surgeon to use less force, which also means that he/she can cut the surgery time down, as well concentrate more on the sculpting. In addition, the minimal force means that there is less trauma and disturbance to the patient’s body and tissues. The less disturbance there is to the body, the faster the recovery for the patient.

Another added benefit of the patient being awake is that he/she is able to move and adjust on his/her own when the surgeon needs to work on a different area of the body. In traditional techniques of liposuction, the patient is asleep and nurses must move the patient, which can lead to a longer time in the operating room. Those who are interested in undergoing fat transfer can do so with the fat that is extracted during this procedure. Due to the safe and natural state in which the fat is removed, there is a higher survival rate when injected into the target area.

After the procedure, patients are able to walk out of the operating room with immediate, noticeable results and little downtime. For example, if you are undergoing Tickle Lipo in the abdomen on Tuesday, you may be able to return to work by Friday. Bruising is also minimal as there is no heat and damage to the tissues involved with this procedure. Further enhancement and skin tightening is visible as time passes.

Currently, there are only a select group of plastic surgeons who are offering this procedure. Please visit the Tickle Lipo website to find a surgeon in your area.

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