The Top Celebrity 'Cheat' to becoming a Perfect 10 - It's More Common than you Think!

Samantha Johnson

by Samantha Johnson | July 11, 2012 @ 01:00PM

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Ever wonder how celebrity bods flawlessly fit into their glamor gowns?

    Does it take ...

    A. hours at the gym,

    B. a feeding-tube diet

    C. liposuction

    D. All the above

Well, the answer is most likely D. All the above. Getting that 'perfect 10' body can be difficult even for the rich and famous. But the good news is, more and more celebrities are also wearing Spanx, the fat-strapping girdles many of us know and love. Nothing represents the "beauty is pain" adage better. Depending on the kind you wear, Spanx can cut off circulation, restrict breathing, pinch nerves and even lead to yeast infections and urinary tract infections. Despite these health issues, business is still booming. The inventor of Spanx, Sara Blake, was recently listed among Forbes top list of women  who are self-made billionaires -- right up there with Oprah.

Why Celebrities are Wearing Spanx:

Oprah, in fact, probably helped with that as she became a major endorser for the product in 2000. "I love Spanx, I love Spanx. I wear Spanx every single day. I've given up panties. I wear Spanx!" Since then, celebrities and celebrity wanna-bes alike have embraced the slimming product just like the lycra that hugs their curves.

Adele admitted to wearing a surprising four pairs of Spanx to the Grammy's this year, and actually had to remove two pairs of them before it was her time to sing.

Even young stars like Miley Cyrus and Michelle Trachtenberg say Spanx are a "gift from God."

Thankfully, some of the credit for Jessica Alba's smokin' hot bod in Fantastic Four can be shared with Spanx. "I wore Spanx under my Fantastic Four costume. I love them! Spanx are the only thing that smoothes out all of my lumps and bumps."

What about all those celebrities who give birth and magically jump back to their pre-baby shape the next day? Spanx. Rebecca Romijin, Julia Roberts, Marcia Cross and Cate Blanchett all admit to wearing Spanx to slenderize their post-baby bods.

The list doesn't end there. Celebrities like Carrie Underwood, Katherine Heigl, Miranda Lambert, Kim Kardashian, Brooke Shields and Tina Fey have all fallen victim to the wonderful world of Spanx.

So if you're ever dissatisfied with how perfect your body looks compared to a glammed-up celebrity, just remember -- they've probably been squished to perfection.



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