Dr. Bellin's Stand Up Liposuction Technique

Dr. Howard Bellin

by Dr. Howard Bellin | August 10, 2010 @ 09:00AM

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Dr. Howard Bellin, a New York plastic surgeon, has pioneered a stand up liposuction technique called Accusuction. He has been using this method for 25 years with great success. Accusuction involves not only standing up during part of the liposuction procedure, but the use of undiluted local anesthesia. Traditional liposuction is usually done via ultrasound-assisted technique or tumescent method, often with the patient asleep.

The tumescent liposuction method uses a mixture of saline solution and diluted local anesthesia at the site of suction. Dr. Bellin feels that this type of liposuction "distorts the tissue with large amounts of fluid, adding to the difficulty" of accurately suctioning the area, especially while someone is lying down. He goes on to say that in some cases, this method "can disturb the normal fluid and electrolyte balance of the body, leading to serious complications." Dr. Bellin does not like ultrasound-assisted liposuction because "it offers no advantage to a patient, only to the doctor who does less work. And there can be serious complications - fluid collections called seromas that will require repeated treatments to drain them. Ultrasound can also cause burns to the skin".

For these reasons, Dr. Bellin favors using only local anesthesia with tranquilizers and no extra fluid like saline. The concentrated anesthesia "breaks the pain cycle," as well. Patients report less swelling and pain from Dr. Bellin's liposuction method than from liposuction previously done by another plastic surgeon. If you come into his office for this procedure, you will be given tranquilizers to calm you. Local anesthesia is then injected into the areas to be vacuumed. The patient lies down and much of the fat is removed. With the assistance of a nurse you will stand up and determine if the area is shaped according to your liking and that of Dr. Bellin's. If more fat needs to be removed, you'll lie back down and the process is repeated until you and the doctor are satisfied. This method produces extremely accurate results.

Liposuction patients often have too much fat removed and have unnatural looking dents. Or, they may have too little fat taken away and have to be operated on again. "Most doctors, if they're honest, will tell you they have to retouch twenty percent or more of their patients," says Dr. Bellin. "I've done about 1,500 liposuctions and I've had to touch up only five patients."

But what do his patients think about the results? "They love it!" Dr. Bellin proclaims. "I get a lot of referrals from their friends." Not only is Accusuction precise, but the procedure has little downtime. "You can have this done Friday and go back to work Monday," explains Dr. Bellin. Although you will be swollen for a few weeks, you'll have digital pictures taken right after the stand up liposuction is completed to remind you of what the finished outcome will truly look like after the swelling subsides. If you receive Dr. Bellin's Accusuction, you can bet your results will be picture-perfect. 

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