Brazilian Singer's Butt Implant Size Revealed

Roberto Avey

by Roberto Avey | January 11, 2011 @ 04:00PM

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Valesca Popozuda Butt ImplantsHas singer Valesca Popozuda, who is more famous for her dance moves than her singing prowess, possibly lifted the bar when it comes to having the perfect butt?

Popozuda's claim to fame was her career as a Brazilian funk singer, which entailed a combination of rap and “Samba” music. Using a form of erotic dance á la old school music videos, such as “I Like Big Butts,” by Sir Mix-A-Lot, she has attained celebrity status throughout Brazil.

Recently, Popozuda decided to up the ante, receiving 550 cc butt implants. With buttocks now measuring to a robust size of 45 inches all around, she is more than pleased with her above-average results. Yet, having to give away more than 100 pieces of clothing, because they don’t fit her enhanced shape, has been a disadvantage.“It's kinda sad that my favorite jeans that I always wear are no more,” Popozuda has reportedly said.

She must now find clothing to fit her uncommon form, which poses a problem: In having to buy items several sizes larger to fit the buttocks, all of her pants must be hemmed to properly fit. “I am taking all clothing to my mom, Regina, to adjust.”

So the question is: How has the public taken to her new augmented posterior? Amazingly, Popozuda is extremely pleased with the new fans that have emerged. With her exuberant new shape Valesca Popozuda Butt Implantsshe has gained admiration from a younger crowd. “The small children run to me telling me they want a butt like mine when they grow up,” she has said.

As for the response from her older crowd, she has received the new nickname, “mesão” (“big table”). The public “throws water bottles on the stage asking me to balance it on my behind,” said Popozuda.

Whether done for dramatic results or a subtle enhancement, butt augmentation is becoming one of the most popular procedures among women, both in Brazil and around the world. Wanting more “junk in the trunk” has become more common than any of us probably predicted.

Photo by: Marcos Serra Lima/ EGO

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