Dangerous Curves: In Search of the Perfect Buttocks

Wendy Lewis

by Wendy Lewis | August 10, 2010 @ 09:00AM

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The top buttock beauty problems that plague most women over the age of 18 are cellulite, dimpling, spots, stretchmarks, rough skin, uneven pigment, too wide, too full and protuberant (aka BIG), asymmetry, sagging, and a square or boxy shape.

The flipside of these is a too flat or boyish buttocks. Surprisingly, the latter can be just as upsetting to the owner. If you had scoliosis as a child, or any type of hip injury, one side may appear higher than the other. Another issue is one of anatomy; the buttocks are connected to the hips and outer thighs.

What one woman calls her butt, a cosmetic surgeon might refer to as her 'lateral thigh' or 'banana rolls' (the fold of skin just below the buttock crease). Although J-Lo is prized for her rounded bottom, most women in America seem to prefer to have firm, slim buttocks, instead of round. Men might not agree. It's all about contour and proportions; the transition from the trunk to the buttock should be smooth, and appear as though it belongs to the rest of your body rather than having a life of its own.

Derriere Treatments


MicroDermabrasion can slough dry, dead skin and smooth out skin texture. Manual Lymphatic Drainage will temporarily reduce fluid retention. Endermologie is the only treatment that really works for cellulite, although only temporarily .

Some lasers can take the redness out of stretch marks, but nothing makes them disappear entirely.

Surgical Procedures

Liposuction can be performed for the hips, outer thighs, banana rolls, and the outer area of the buttocks, but should NEVER be done near the buttock crease to get the best shape. The best candidates for this are women who complain that they are a size eight on top and a 12 on bottom. For women who have a small backside with larger thighs, recontouring only the buttocks will make the thighs look that much bigger. They are usually done as a set.

Superficial liposuction using small cannulae allows a cosmetic surgeon to sculpt the buttocks into a better shape and contour.

Autologous fat injections and grafting fat from another body part is used to fill out dents, flattened areas, and to add volume. This is usually not a one-off procedure and may need to be repeated.

To add volume, the more radical approach is buttock implants, more popular in Brazil, Spain, and other body conscious countries. These are NOT breast implants, but specially designed implants for the buttock area. They don't always look natural because they need to be placed on top of the muscle, and it can be awkward to sit for a while. The other problem is that they can move, get infected, and extrude. Brazilians spend a lot of time on their gorgeous coastline, so looking good while naked is key. They prefer perky, firm breasts on the small side, and rounded (but not fat) bottoms. The Brazilian surgeons are brilliant with fat, and can move it around and sculpt it to their liking, this method is favoured over implants.

For saggy bottoms, usually from age or large weight loss, a lift is the only thing to consider. Liposuction will make loose bottoms sag more. A Buttock Lift usually involves significant scars and a long recovery. You can bring your bathing suit bottom to your surgery so that the surgeon can hide the scars whenever possible.

The cost of a re-contoured buttocks? Usually about $4,000–7,500, depending on where you call home.

Wendy Lewis is an international cosmetic surgery consultant, and author of The Lowdown on Facelifts and Other Wrinkle Remedies, www.wlbeauty.com.

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