Do You Like to Get Naked or Nekkid

Susan Anderson

by Susan Anderson | June 22, 2012 @ 12:00PM

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A funny conversation started in the office today and it inspired me to write this article. It started with the discussion that many people undergo cosmetic surgery in an effort to look better naked. Then it was argued it was actually to look better nekkid. Let me explain each term. The word ‘naked’ denotes someone who isn’t wearing any clothes. ‘Nekkid’ is someone who isn’t wearing clothes AND is up to no good.

It has been found that cosmetic surgery (namely breast augmentation and body contouring) leads to an improved body image and self confidence and an enhanced sex life with better orgasms. This leads me to believe that people have cosmetic surgery to look better nekkid.  People want to feel sexy and empowered and let’s face it, hopefully this leads to playful sexual activity.




naked person

Being naked, on the other hand, can make someone feel helpless, defenseless or embarrassed. We get naked at places such as the doctor’s office, the bathroom and in private.

Plus, we’ve all had the dream of being in a room full of people naked. That’s not a good feeling and we certainly wouldn’t undergo cosmetic surgery to feel this way. 

Have you ever performed an image search for naked pictures? What you get for naked, nekkid and  nude are entirely different pictures. I would know. I had to help find images for this article. 

"Are you back yet? I’ll wait......"




Nude Artsy


To take the discussion one step further, how about being nude? Nude is another empowering word in my opinion. You have a choice to be nude, to go to a nude beach, to pose for a nude portrait. Being nude is equal to being art. One can argue that surgeons who are performing cosmetic surgery are artists and therefore those who have had cosmetic surgery are works of art. This phrase works too. 



Ultimately whether you’re naked, nekkid or nude is determined by your intentions and by the way you feel. For me, I’ll go with nekkid or nude. Life isn’t worth it unless you’re having a little bit of fun along the way!


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