What are my Options? I Want a Butt Makeover!

Elana Pruitt

by Elana Pruitt | August 1, 2011 @ 10:00AM

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Who would have thought that the idea of getting a butt makeover would take off as much as it has? While many medical professionals might have predicted this a few years ago, I certainly did not. I’ve researched and written about several plastic surgery procedures since 2005, and to be honest, I didn’t envision a time when so many women would actually start embracing their natural shape, let alone decide to turn to a surgeon to add volume back there!

My reason is simple: Women typically correlate a big, full butt with being “fat.” The “Does my butt look big in these jeans?” question that most husbands and boyfriends dread hearing from their wives or girlfriends prove the point that women have always been consumed with, and fear, appearing too big. But these days, a well-endowed butt is becoming a highly valuable asset – a highly sought after body feature that can now be bought (squats and lunges can only help so much). While the African-American culture and Hispanic culture are two groups that have typically praised women with hourglass shapes and full buttocks, it is appearing that many more ethnic groups are finding a new interest in this type of beauty. Men are enjoying the popularity of this new trend, as women are taking to the idea that a “big booty” is a symbol of ultimate femininity.

And certain Hollywood starlets are to thank for this ever-growing trend; Destiny’s Child tried to get the stir going with their 2001 hit, “Bootylicious,” before Ms. J-Lo began posing on red carpets in ultra-fitting dresses. Then reality star Kim Kardashian exploded on the scene with a “badonkadonk” that still make the paparazzi go wild, in turn causing rumors on the Internet to swirl on whether she has butt implants or not. Rapper Nicki Minaj is also making heads turn and jaws drop due to her, um…generous backside. Many are also questioning if her butt is naturally that big as well!

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), 806 people received butt implants in 2010, a one percent increase from 2009, and 3,289 people received a butt lift, which was a four percent increase since 2009. The majority of patients were women (Yes, some men value fuller cheeks too!) Here’s some helpful information regarding “gluteal augmentation,” and the difference between butt implants and butt augmentation surgery.

Butt Implants

This is the first butt enlargement method to be developed. It typically entails the surgeon inserting a silicone implant in each buttock area, via a single incision overlying the tailbone. In order for the patient to gain an optimal aesthetic enhancement, the butt implants are positioned to look as natural as possible. The downside to this butt augmentation method is simply due to the fact that the buttock muscles are used for every moment, such as walking and sitting. Therefore, there is greater pain during the recovery period as compared to the butt lift procedure. The length of recovery time for butt implant surgery is also therefore longer than the butt lift surgery.

Butt Lift

This method is attracting individuals for several reasons, which is why more patients choose a butt lift over butt implant surgery. A butt lift (which has been coined in the last few years as “The Brazilian Butt Lift”) offers patients a 2-in-1 surgical solution: fat will be suctioned from one or more areas of the body with liposuction, and will then be injected in specific points of the buttocks. There is minimal risk for infection due to the fact that the material used is the patient’s own fat. Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Constantino G. Mendieta is one of the most highly regarded experts in this field. His approach to providing a beautifully enhanced shape and size is based on considering the individual’s entire body contour. This allows him to properly create a personalized surgical plan for the patient, during which he is able to “sculpt” the buttocks into a flattering, more voluminous size. Butt implants do not allow for the same artistic technique.

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