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Ideal Body Measurements: Perfect Proportions [Infographic]

Women come in all shapes and sizes, and there is certainly beauty in all forms. But what body shape is the most desired, and what are the most ideal body measurements? This infographic illustrates the “perfect proportions” of today’s models and most beautiful celebrities. As you’ll see, beautiful is not one-size-fits-all.

What You Get for Cutting Corners: The Top 6 Plastic Surgery Horror Stories of the Year

Did you hear about the woman who received cement and tire sealant injections in her butt? What about the woman who can't close her eyes because of her cosmetic procedure? Read about the top plastic surgery fiascos of the year and how you can avoid surgery disaster.

The Top Celebrity 'Cheat' to becoming a Perfect 10 - It's More Common than you Think!

What's that? Something in your closet may also be in a celebrity's? Find out their quick and simple secret to getting 'red carpet ready.'

Normal Weight Body Issues

What should you do when - no matter how hard you try - you can't seem to lose any more weight? Susan Anderson shares her story.

Do You Like to Get Naked or Nekkid

The definition and differences between Naked, Nekkid and Nude.

Foot Surgeries Revealed - Either for Fetish or for Relief

Cosmetic foot surgery has boomed in recent years. We research Foot Surgery procedures and wonder, "Either for Fetish or for Relief!"

Liposuction Methods, Pros and Cons of Liposuction Techniques

There are numerous liposuction methods that can be safely performed. The pros and cons of liposuction techniques are discussed in this article.

What are my Options? I Want a Butt Makeover!

Looking for a butt makeover? Learn about the difference between butt implants and butt augmentation and the benefits of each.

Vegas Buttocks Enhancement Patient Killed By Anesthesia

Autopsy finds that Las Vegas buttocks enhancement patient Elena Caro died from an allergic reaction to anesthetsia.

Obesity and Plastic Surgery

Obesity is on the rise and causing more individuals to consider their options with cosmetic plastic surgery.

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