Bella the Elf on the Shelf

Susan Anderson

by Susan Anderson | December 7, 2012 @ 10:00AM

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Bella the Breast Implant has become quite the diva around the office since starring in her own blog post series and now she has determined that she shall be the office Elf on the Shelf this holiday season. Each day from now until Christmas we will update this post with Bella's latest shenanigans. Stay tuned!

Day 1 - The day Bella sat me down and told me her plan. Apparently, I'm #1 on her list to see if I'm naughty or nice. 

Day 2 - Bella woke up next to the Christmas tree this morning. Probably motivating all of us to get into the holiday spirit.

Day 3 -  The filing cabinet is the perfect spot to survey the office.

Day 4 - Monday mornings send even the perkiest of breast implants straight to the coffee machine. Thanks for getting the first pot going this morning, Bella!

Day 5 - Bella is keeping a watchful eye from the warm coziness of the server room this morning.

Day 6 - Happy Hanukkah! 

Day 7 Bella kept an eye on the office this morning from the warmth of the One Warm Coat coat drive box. Combining philanthropy and service to Santa, way to go, Bella!

Day 8Bella thinks the best place to find mischievous coworkers is in the break room at the time clock.


Day 9 - Frisky got frisky over the weekend.

Day 10 - Then she had to hide out in the supply closet.

Day 11 - Still lying low while copy-gate blows over. 

Day 12 - On the twelfth day of Christmas, the office gave to me, a Bella in a pear tree?


Day 13 - Not sure if Bella is standing in for the Wise Men or pulling a manger scene photobomb.


Day 14 - With only a couple days left to look over the office before Christmas Day, Bella sits down to relax.


Day 15 - Bella is all smiles as she faxes the final naughty or nice list to Santa. Time to turn in the elf hat and enjoy the holidays. 

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