Beg, Borrow or Steal... for Plastic Surgery

Susan Anderson

by Susan Anderson | August 1, 2012 @ 12:00PM

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Desperate times may call for desperate measures, as the saying goes, but would you risk your career to steal $70,000 for liposuction, breast implants and hair extensions?  How about stand outside in a bikini straddling a motorcycle with a sign that reads “Not Homeless! Need Boobs”? Most people would be horrified at doing either of these things, but the frequency that extreme measures are being taken to secure cosmetic procedures is frightening. Just look at the headlines: 

“Rachael Claire Martin, Barclays Bank Clerk, Allegedly Stole Money for Plastic Surgery”

“Panhandler Wants $$$ for New Boobs”

“Las Vegas Woman Dies After Backroom Buttocks Enhancement Surgery”

Not only are these men and women risking their reputations, but some are risking their lives. It seems each week there is a new report about unqualified, self-proclaimed ‘doctors’ causing irreparable harm and even death to men and women seeking ‘cheap’ plastic surgery. (See more plastic surgery horror stories)

With these headlines taking over the internet, many of us are scratching our heads wondering why people are resorting to such dramatic measures for cosmetic surgery. Well, many want to look and feel beautiful, others may be trying to escape bullying and others might be looking for the extra attention. Some are even suggesting that children today are growing up with a sense of entitlement to get what they want when they want it, which inevitably spills over into the desire to be the most beautiful among their peers -- a feat which can be achieved with larger breasts, a straighter nose or higher cheekbones in their opinion. 

Let’s take a look at 24-year-old Rachel Claire Martin, a bank clerk from England whole stole over $70,000. She conspired over several weeks to steal the funds little by little to fund her cosmetic procedures, dental work and “wild shopping sprees.” She had hopes of becoming a model after her transformation. Martin denied the allegations early on, but eventually owned up to her transgressions and plead guilty to stealing the money.

Chrissy Lance, a 37-year-old Ohio woman, couldn’t afford the procedure she desired most: a breast augmentation. Inspired by other beggers down on their luck, she put on her best smile and best bikini and headed to a busy street corner in Akron. Lance, a single mom and college student, says she makes enough money to pay the bills but wanted the breast implants to increase her self-esteem. She intends to stay on that corner till she reaches her $5000 goal. So far she has earned herself plenty attention from national media, but she has yet to earn enough money for the procedure.

What many may not realize is financing exists for cosmetic procedures and some procedures may even be covered by insurance or -- and this will be a stretch for most -- might be considered a legal tax write-off. An exotic dancer whose stage name was “Chesty Love” was successfully able to satisfy a judge that her breast implants were a necessary business expense. Her argument was that the implants were larger than would she would like for everyday use and that she planned to have them removed once she retires from exotic dancing.

So don’t beg on street corners, steal from your job or sneak into dirty, backroom, makeshift clinics to get the cosmetic procedure you desire.  Do your research, save up those pennies and explore your financing options, and you’ll have the body you deserve with your dignity and reputation in tact. 

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