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Celebrity Plastic Surgery Secrets

Celebrities and plastic surgery go hand in hand. This new infographic explores the bad celebrity plastic surgeries, the youngest to go under the knife, and more.

Vectra XT: 3D Computer Imaging for Optimal View of Face, Body, and Breasts

Computer imaging systems, such as VECTRA XT, can help both the surgeon and the patient realize the extent of the procedure and all that it will entail.

Get Picture-Ready with a White Smile!

Holiday Season brings out the cameras and smile. Is your smile as bright as can be?

Quit Smoking: Save Your Sanity...And Your Hard-Earned Dollars!

Smoking cigarettes will harm your physical, mental, and emotional health. Quitting this bad habit will greatly benefit your financial health as well as you may be able to save up to $2,000 a year.

Hollywood on Breast Implants: Are Actors Playing Doctors?

While it may seem hard to fault someone for trying to educate young women on the dangers of breast augmentation, there are a few factors that make this seem more like a publicity stunt for her website than a legitimate concern.

What Happens To Breast Implants When You Die?

Ever wonder what happens to breast implants after you die? We did, and we spoke with the funeral community to find out more.

Teenage Plastic Surgery: Minor Adjustments - Kids and Cosmetic Surgery, a Nick News Special

In a recent Nick News special, Linda Ellerbee explores the growing trend of teenage cosmetic surgery.

Growing Up at 15: The Story of a Teenage Breast Cancer Survivor

While most 15 year olds are worried about Homecoming dresses, Sarah was fighting for her life.

Plastic Surgery Stops Bullying

Dr. Steve Pearlman, donate's his time and services and helps a child avoid future bullying.

Obesity Worldwide

Worldwide obesity statistics visualized.

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