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"Gummy Bear" Sientra Implants Receive FDA Approval

Long-awaited for their resistance to leakage, low capsular contracture rate and more natural look, the "Gummy bear" implants have officially made their debut in the United States.

At-Home Cosmetic Treatments - Is the Money You Save Worth it?

Do-it-yourself skin treatments and at-home laser hair removal kits can be more dangerous than you think.

The "Weird Science" of Plastic Surgery Art - Introducing Artist Orlan

French performance artist, Orlan, is the first artist to use plastic surgery as a medium. The operating room becomes her stage as she undergoes various surgeries that are broadcast live. She is awake throughout every procedure, as she is only under local anesthetic.

Plastic Surgeons’ Wives: Pressured to Look Perfect?

The pressure to be perfect can be overwhelming - even if you're not the wife of a plastic surgeon. Read how these women cope with the pressure and enjoy the benefits of being a plastic surgeon's wife.

The Story Behind The Most Used Image in the Beauty Industry

Meet the woman behind the most used stock image in the beauty industry.

Timmie Jean Lindsey the First Woman to Receive Breast Implants

Timmie Jean Lindsey the woman who didn't want breast implants but ended up being the first woman to receive them!

Plastic Surgery for Mother's Day the New Celebrity Fad

Plastic Surgery for Mother's Day: the New Celebrity Fad.

Foot Surgeries Revealed - Either for Fetish or for Relief

Cosmetic foot surgery has boomed in recent years. We research Foot Surgery procedures and wonder, "Either for Fetish or for Relief!"

The Hidden Dangers of Gel Manicure

Gel Manicures are the big buzz in Los Angeles, but there are several warnings and dangers that lurk behind this new fad.

Plastic Surgery for Athletes - Destroy the Kryptonite and Enhance those Powers

Athletes getting Plastic Surgery for enhancement purposes is more common than you think! Here is a list of a few athletes who have had enhancement plastic surgery done.

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