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What You Get for Cutting Corners: The Top 6 Plastic Surgery Horror Stories of the Year

Did you hear about the woman who received cement and tire sealant injections in her butt? What about the woman who can't close her eyes because of her cosmetic procedure? Read about the top plastic surgery fiascos of the year and how you can avoid surgery disaster.

Week in Review: Top News and Info Picks for the Week of 7/9/12

It's all about controversy this week as we hi-light the Kate Upton hate blogger fiasco, The OMG Diet craze, and Facebook driving people to get plastic surgery. Read more for our picks of the week!

The Top Celebrity 'Cheat' to becoming a Perfect 10 - It's More Common than you Think!

What's that? Something in your closet may also be in a celebrity's? Find out their quick and simple secret to getting 'red carpet ready.'

Normal Weight Body Issues

What should you do when - no matter how hard you try - you can't seem to lose any more weight? Susan Anderson shares her story.

Happy National No Bra Day!

Today is National No Bra Day! Boobs and bras come in so many different shapes and sizes, it was hard to contain them all. Relax, unhook, and read more about the evolution of the bra.

Week in Review: Top News and Info Picks for the week of 7/2/12

Check out this week's recap -- filled with spanx-wearing Grammy winners, fat-losing 'Biggest Losers,' and breast implant-touting legs. It has been a crazy first week in July!

Is your Mole Lucky or Unlucky?

According to Chinese culture, moles can be either lucky or unlucky depending on their size, color and location. Find out what celebrities got them removed... and if they made the right decision.

Week in Review: Top News and Info Picks for the week of 6/25/12

Week in Review: Top News and Info Picks for the week of June 25th, 2012

Do You Like to Get Naked or Nekkid

The definition and differences between Naked, Nekkid and Nude.

Postponing Fatherhood: Why More Men are becoming Dads at an Older Age

While studies have shown an increase in new fatherhood for Generation X, Generation Y may not follow the trend.

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