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How Music Helps Patients Recover Quickly from Surgery

Studies have shown that music slows down the heart rate and keeps patients calm as they prepare - or recover - from surgery. As a result, patients have experienced less use of anesthesia, as well as less nausea, brain fog and/or dizziness - but it's not just any music that has this effect.

Entitled Youth of America Want Cosmetic Surgery

It’s ‘Back to School’ season and this year’s preparations come with a new twist. Designer acne scar treatments, breast augmentations and rhinoplasties are topping shopping lists above the traditional school supplies. In 2010, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) reported nearly 219,000 cosmetic surgeries were performed on teens 13 to 19 years old. The fact that these procedures are on the rise is not surprising. Today’s advancements in technology coupled with the insecurities and the “mine, mine, mine” attitude of our youth make for the perfect storm.

Week in Review: Top News and Info Picks for the Week of 7/30/2012

Michael Phelps uses big ears as a motivator; Botox after breakfast? Hotel offers cosmetic procedures; new computer game treats depression in teens - Check out this week's top headlines!

Beg, Borrow or Steal... for Plastic Surgery

Desperate times call for desperate measures, but would you risk your career to steal $70,000 for liposuction? How about stand on a corner in a bikini begging for breast implants? Why are people resorting to such dramatic measures for cosmetic surgery?

Plastic Surgeons at the Olympics?

There are 85 members on the Olympic medical team this year, which include physical therapists, chiropractors and massage therapists, but there is not a single plastic surgeon. Why?

Week in Review: Top News and Info Picks for the Week of 7/23/2012

Check out the latest week in review, featuring spanx for men, the 'Boob job family' and yet another reason why you shouldn't drink soda!

Using Pinterest to Plan for your Cosmetic Surgery

Considering a cosmetic surgery procedure? Here's how Pinterest can help!

Celebrities that Get Naked on Screen - What Will they NOT Do?

It's a lot of pressure to have your face blown-up across the silver screen, let alone your completely naked body. Every wrinkle, blemish, curve and crack is exposed to the public's critical eye. Here's a list of the brave actresses who barely blink at shedding their clothes, but shy away from the plastic surgeon's knife.

Week in Review: Top News and Info Picks for the Week of 7/16/12

Kaitlyn Leeb sports a third breast at Comic Con, Anne Hathaway goes on starvation diet for Les Miserables role, Inactivity is as dangerous as smoking, and the FDA approves a new obesity pill. Read this week's recap!

Great News: Plastic Surgeons Use BOTH Sides of their Brain while Operating

Plastic surgeons have to go through several years of schooling to become successful, but did you know being artistic is also important? Read about the latest innovations.

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