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BOTOX: FDA Approves Its Use for Cosmetic Purposes

Botox is approved for the use of wrinkle reduction.

Red as a Rosacea

Individuals who suffer from rosacea may be ideal candidates for laser treatments. Visit an experienced physician to learn more.

It's not low lights making you look so young. It's the Botox

From Hollywood stars to everyday men and women, plastic surgeons are injecting Botox in patients' face to achieve a rejuvenated appearance.

You Don't have to be Scarred for Life

Scar revision surgery can help patients rid themselves of unsightly marks on the body. An experienced physician may recommend the best course of action.

Is Plastic Surgery Only for the Vain?

Undergoing a cosmetic enhancement isn't only for the rich and vain - it is meant to better the appearance, not achieve perfection.

Is Beauty Essential to Making a Positive First Impression?

When a plastic surgery procedure boosts self-confidence, patients are able to portray a more pleasing first impression.

Cosmetic Surgery Predictions for 2002

Find out what the cosmetic trends may look like in 2002.

Scientific Meeting Showcases New Clinical Techniques, Research Advances and Achievements

Learn more about the new techniques and technologies involved in dematologic surgery.

Acne Clearance Technology

Teens and adults who suffer from acne outbreaks now have a new options available to them for treatment.

Facial Plastic Surgery Organization Reports Eyelid Surgery as a Top Procedure

Both men and women are more frequently requesting eyelid surgery to achieve a more refreshed and younger-looking appearance.

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