Vectra XT: 3D Computer Imaging for Optimal View of Face, Body, and Breasts

Elana Pruitt

by Elana Pruitt | November 29, 2011 @ 08:00AM

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It is impossible to know exactly what your plastic surgery results will look like prior to undergoing a procedure. However, thanks to the technological advancement of computer imaging, prospective patients have the opportunity to visualize their predicted results with great accuracy.

Many surgeons offer before-and-after, two-dimensional computer imaging at their practice, which is done during the consultation period. Typically, during this service, a specific area of the patient’s body (the body part that will be operated on) is captured electronically and manipulated on the computer screen. The precise alterations made onscreen are per his or her request and the surgeon’s recommendation. Together, the doctor and patient can come to a decision regarding the desired results and the steps that will be taken to achieve the desired outcome.

Now, the 3D VECTRA XT imaging system (Canfield Scientific, Inc.) has appeared to revolutionize the ability of prospective patients being able to envision their plastic surgery results. This is a single system designed to conveniently capture images of the face, breasts, and body. Fashioned in a sophisticated design that is said to complement any workspace, while taking up very little floor space (wall projection is 17 inches), VECTRA XT includes all of the necessary hardware, software, installation, and training needed for this system.

Due to it capturing ultra-high resolution color images and ensuring razor-sharp definition of the smallest details, VECTRA XT is a product of innovative engineering; it does not require mechanical adjustment or recalibration, and has a motorized height adjustment.

Qualified surgeons also have readily available before and after plastic surgery photos for individuals to view, both on and off their website, and will still encourage people to take notice of their galleries. VECTRA XT is not intended to substitute the photos; rather it can help to support and enhance the prospective patient’s pre-operative experience. Just as before and after photos attest to the surgeon’s credibility and skill, this computer imaging system is another tool that can help measure the doctor’s knowledge, as it will lead towards discussion. Together, the surgeon and the patient will decide if the desired plastic surgery procedure should proceed.

Computer imaging systems, such as VECTRA XT, can help both the surgeon and the patient realize the extent of the procedure and all that it will entail. To learn more about computer imaging, find a specialist in your area. You can do so, right here, on!

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