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Office Based Surgeries

Along with choosing an experienced and trained surgeon, patients must learn of the location of their procedure for their own safety.

Should Plastic Surgeons Prevent Chills in Patients?

Patients who become cold during their surgery may be at a greater risk of complications. Ask your surgeon about ways to maintain a healthy temperature.

Speed Healing

Prior to undergoing a cosmetic procedure, it is important to learn of the recovery period in order to be fully prepared.

Surgery Ahead? Take Your Vitamins!

Patients undergoing a cosmetic plastic surgery procedure are encouraged to take certain vitamins to aid in recovery.

Young Celebs Having Just a "Little Plastic Surgery"

Have you noticed that some of your favorite celebs are looking better than ever?

Health trend: Women Opting for Smaller Breasts

Over-sized breasts are becoming less popular and more women are opting to reduce the size of their breasts through surgical procedures.

Men and Plastic Surgery

Men are realizing that feeling good about oneself can improve self-confidence.

Oscar Season Overhaul

Celebrities pull out all the stops for award season, especially the Oscars. The Academy Awards set off a flurry of activity in Hollywood among all cosmetic and fashion-related businesses.

Plastic Surgery Makes for Entertaining Reality TV

Two hot topics right now include Reality TV and plastic surgery. Now put both topics together, and some pretty interesting entertainment will result.

Plastic Surgery Procedures Popular in the Mountain/Pacific Region

Ever wonder which area of the United States is the most popular place to undergo plastic surgery procedures?

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