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Plastic Surgery Benefits Everyone

During the week in the mountainous terrain, they see 400 to 500 people and perform 30 to 40 surgical procedures.

Posture Perfect

Want to look 10-15 pounds thinner? Want to get rid of that nagging back or neck crick? Want to get more people to notice you?

Preparing for Post Surgery

Recovering from cosmetic surgery at home is made easy with a compact kit of medical supplies you'll need.

Recovering from Surgery? Get a Massage!

We all know that massage feels good. Perhaps that is why, ironically, we seem to overlook its place in mainstream medicine. Still, the fact remains that therapeutic massage can promote healing in a variety of common stress-related conditions â?? including post-surgery recovery.

Fit and Fabulous after Forty

There they are dazzling age 40-plus women who refuse to give in to aging.

Tired all day? Accident Prone? Get Checked for Sleep Apnea!

An often undiagnosed sleeping disorder may be the cause of feeling tired all day.

What Should I Expect From the Consultation?

During an initial consultation, patients are urged to learn of all the steps and options regarding their procedure. The surgeon's training and credentials are expected to be researched as well.

Why is Board Certification Important?

It is important to research your surgeon and verify if he/she is certified by a creditable plastic surgery board.

Will the Real Aesthetic Surgeon Please Stand Up

There are many boards that certify physicians to perform aesthetic surgery and no one board has exclusivity on the best or most qualified physicians.

Get What You Want from Plastic Surgery

When considering plastic surgery, it is important to be open and honest with your surgeon, as well as be confident in his/her skill.

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