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Week in Review: Top News and Info Picks for the Week of 9/3/12

Tennis star told she's 'too fat' for the US open, Texas mother of three gets the first double arm transplants in the US, NYC Soda Ban passed, and a woman pleads not guilty to injecting a man's penis will saline and killing him. Check out our picks of the week!

Cosmetic Surgery Garments Go Mainstream

As the number of cosmetic procedures performed each year rise, more and more people are using post-surgical products. Some of these products are so practical, that many continue using them and adapt them to fit their ongoing needs.

101 Nicknames for Breasts [Infographic]

Sweet rolls, sugar plums, torpedos and fun bags... Check out all the nicknames for your favorite bosom buddies in this tantalizing infographic.

Pioneers in Plastic Surgery: Famous Faces

Not only have doctors expanded the cosmetic surgery industry, many famous faces can be credited with bringing the practice into mainstream awareness and acceptance. The following is a list of a few notable Hollywood celebrities who speak up on the topic and whose bodies of work speak for themselves.

Keep Calm and Get Botox

Botox often gets a bad rap for leaving commoners and celebrities alike as expressionless as Kristen Stewart. But according to a recent study, not being able to frown can actually be a really good thing.

Pioneers in Plastic Surgery: Doctors

There have been many significant advancements in the field of plastic and cosmetic surgery since the very first skin graft was performed in 2000 BC. Often, it is the procedure that is significant, but today we look at the people behind the movement who have made headlines and brought positive attention to this ever-expanding specialty.

Week in Review: Top News and Info Picks for the Week of 8/27/12

Bristol Palin's stunning makeover after weightloss and plastic surgery, the government paid for a teen's surgery so she could fit into designer shoes, and breast slapping - the latest alternative to implants. Check out this week's week in review!

Afraid of the 'S' Word? The Top 5 Not-So-Scary Cosmetic Procedures

Not only do minimally invasive procedures cost less, they are frankly a lot less scary. Who wouldn't want to avoid "surgery" for a procedure if it were possible? We've made a list of the top five non-invasive alternatives to getting cut open. They require no anesthesia or sedation, offer quick recovery with minimal pain, and all of them take under an hour to complete.

Ideal Body Measurements: Perfect Proportions [Infographic]

Women come in all shapes and sizes, and there is certainly beauty in all forms. But what body shape is the most desired, and what are the most ideal body measurements? This infographic illustrates the “perfect proportions” of today’s models and most beautiful celebrities. As you’ll see, beautiful is not one-size-fits-all.

How Strong are Breast Implants?

Mostly due to the PIP implant scare, many women worry about the durability of their breast implants. Will a mammogram cause them to rupture? What situations will do some real damage?

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