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Regaining Life: Plastic Surgery Helps Disfigured Veterans

Heading into Memorial Day 2011 we look at 2 organizations helping veterans who may not have lost their lives, but lost life as they once knew it.

Genetics Plays a Major Role in How a Woman is Shaped

Your genetic make up may be the reason you can't easily reach your ideal body shape.

Bristol Palin - The Latest To Undergo Cosmetic Surgery?

Did Bristol Palin undergo cosmetic surgery or lose weight?

How Do Men and Women Differ When it Comes to Losing Weight?

Differences in the physiological make up of men and women cause them to lose weight different rates.

How Your Initial Consultation Can Give Insight Into the Doctor's Personality

As you consider undergoing a cosmetic plastic surgery procedure, there are various factors to take into careful consideration.

Breast Implants In Time For Bikini Season

Looking to fill out that bikini this Summer with breast implants? We share the best time to have surgery to ensure you've recovered by the time bikini season hits.

Reviva Labs – Vitamin K Cream Giveaway

Learn more about and enter to win a jar of Vitamin K Cream. A revolutionary cream from Reviva Labs that helps to reduce the appearance of bruising after facial surgery.

Just Say No…to Junk Food

With Spring and Summer just around the corner it's time to seriously start thinking about working on that beach body. These tips can help you kick start your healthy eating habits.

British Fat Transfer Allows up to 30 Years Before Use

While the trend of fat transfer (also known as “fat grafting”) has been offered in the states for some time, it is now catching on across the pond – in Britain. Yet, it has a slightly unexpected twist.

AAFPRS Study Provides Data on Non-Surgical Rejuvenation Trend

Media buzz regarding non-surgical facial rejuvenation methods is hardly new; yet, one recent study has shed fresh light on the trend with hard data.

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