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Do Breast Implants Get in the Way of a Mammogram?

Breast augmentation is a life changing surgery, but breast cancer is a life changing disease. Before you consider breast implants, learn more about how implants can impact mammograms.

Breast Implants Save Lives – No Really, They Do!

Breast Implants – Today’s silent heroes!

Liposuction Methods, Pros and Cons of Liposuction Techniques

There are numerous liposuction methods that can be safely performed. The pros and cons of liposuction techniques are discussed in this article.

Plastic Surgery for the High School Grad

A new, disturbing trend in high school grads wanting plastic surgery as their graduation gift

The Right Food and a New Gym Routine Can Be Better Than Calorie Counting

Counting calories alone is not the best option; women should focus on choosing healthy foods that fight hunger, while avoiding those high in sugar that have the opposite effect.

What Causes Wrinkles, Anyway? How Wrinkles, Lines and Sagging Skin Form

What causes wrinkles? How wrinkles form, lines on the face surface, and what causes sagging facial skin are explained here.

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow – Removing Breast Implants

No more overly large breasts for these ladies as they opt to for a more natural-looking breast contour.

How To Build Healthy Habits for Kids? Get Involved!

Kids might seem to gravitate towards bad habits like video games and junk foods, but parent involvement can go a long way towards building a healthier life for the whole family.

Too sexy for your…diaper?

Tiaras, makeup, and…breast padding? Young pageant contestants don some adult-like costumes to shine above the rest.

The Plastic Surgery Playlist: What Are Doctors Listening to in the OR?

Did you wake up from a plastic surgery procedure with a song stuck in your head and you weren't sure why? Maybe it was on your plastic surgeon's OR playlist. Find out what some of our doctors rock out to during surgery.

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