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Bella the Elf on the Shelf

Bella the Breast Implant has become quite the diva around the office since starring in her own blog post series and now she has determined that she shall be the office Elf on the Shelf this holiday season. Each day from now until Christmas we will update this post with Bella's latest shenanigans.

Get Nekkid, Have Botox and Check Your Moles - The Top 12 Articles from 2012

2012 was a great year for iEnhance in terms of site content and user interaction. We explored the world of breast implants like never before and we took getting naked to a whole new level. As the year comes to an end we thought we would once again comprise a list of the top articles of the year based on traffic and social media support.

Surgical Vacations: Bargaining for Trouble

In a recent article, Forbes magazine reported that medical tourism specifically for plastic surgery is on the rise. Lured by the exotic locals and “special recovery” hotel packages, medical travellers are considering scheduling their elective surgeries in places like the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland. Savings for cosmetic procedures abroad can be up to half-off of what one would pay domestically. Heck, there are even special group discounts so your whole social circle can plan together. But are these low-cost, international “packages” worth it? Afterall, plastic surgery is not just another spa treatment.

Really? Off-the-Wall Cosmetic Procedures People Really Get

Even as close to the cosmetic surgery industry that we are, there are still procedures and surgeries that leave us scratching our heads. I mean, why would someone choose to voluntarily undergo a Pubic Hair Transplant... and pay hard-earned money for it? Really? Cultural considerations aside, here are our top 5 “Really?” procedures.

Remember These? Beauty Products of Yesteryear

Plato said “Necessity....the mother of invention” and creative minds have been leading the charge within the beauty industry for new products to clean, smooth, plump, perk and rejuvenate the faces and bodies of women and men. But these are the ones from long past.

Hollywood's Young Starlets - Opting for Plastic Surgery or Just Growing Up?

Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez and other Hollywood starlets are under scrutiny for their changing breast sizes. Is it cosmetic surgery? Is it a padded bra? Or is it just a maturing young woman whose body is changing?

Hollywood's Hottest at Halloween

Halloween offers the perfect opportunity for celebrities and everyday people alike to strut their stuff and show the world their best assets -- especially if those assets are brand new or a limited time accoutrement. Here’s how just a few got into the Halloween spirit.

Bella the Breast Implant Halloween Photoshoot

iEnhance first introduced Bella the Breast Implant as a character in Photo-Bombing Fun with Breast Implants. Since then, her popularity has grown and she’s taken a more active role on our website and in social media. As such, she was kind enough to pose for a Halloween photo shoot to show off her costume choices.

Why You Should Follow Your Doctors on Social Media

Let’s assume that you are interested in a cosmetic procedure. Finding a doctor who is properly qualified, certified and one who you feel comfortable with is key to an overall positive experience. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have time to visit every doctor in my area. So how do I start to get to know them? Social media, of course!

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