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The iEnhance mission is to provide the most knowledgeable information to people regarding their body, image, and health. iEnhance is your one-stop shop for everything beauty related.

The iEnhance Consumer Brand Promise:

iEnhance provides consumers with the power to enhance their image and beauty through choices based on knowledge, confidence, and trust.

The iEnhance Medical/Dental Professional Promise:

iEnhance refers people who are knowledgeable and prepared to make a positive change in their lives to our medical and dental professionals.

The iEnhance Motto:

With its unique culmination of dynamic content, bringing together everyday users, health care professionals, services, and products, iEnhance has established a web-based advocate for empowering users to make the right decision for themselves. iEnhance firmly believes in its motto: Your Body, Your Image, Your Health and will consistently strive to provide its customers with the very best beauty advice this industry has to offer.

Your Body, Your Image, Your Health

Who We Are

iEnhance is an Internet-based, comprehensive, and vertical marketplace – an information exchange website for patients, elective healthcare professionals, and supply manufacturers. Since its inception in 1995, iEnhance has empowered women and men with the ability to make informed decisions about elective procedures by providing trusted, relevant, dynamic content and decision-making tools. The focus of iEnhance's mission is multi-faceted. iEnhance helps medical and dental providers expand their practices by referring educated patients who are ready to undergo elective procedures or buy products. iEnhance also provides bundled and customized business solutions that assist health care providers in marketing their practices online. Furthermore, iEnhance enables medical and dental supply manufacturers with a highly effective channel to reach their target customers by providing marketing, branding, and sales opportunities through sponsorships, promotions, advertising, and other unique B2B arrangements within a seamlessly wired online community.

iEnhance is a part of a network of websites that provides resources to patients, which includes PlasticSurgery.com and CosmeticSurgery.com. Under Plastic Surgery Studios , these informative websites are dedicated to offering information regarding procedures and medical professionals. In addition, each website has forums in which patients can communicate with others going through similar procedures, as well as medical professionals. Our goal is to help patients become well-informed when undergoing their procedure(s) of choice. 

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